Efficiency, Accountability & Security

The world of Hotels today face complex new dangers.

Hotels need a Revolutionary way to protect Employees & Guests from modern day emergencies like Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking, Active Shooters, Terrorism and more.

The ONLY Hotel solution specifically designed for these and future threats is TND Employee Emergency, the Smart Panic Button for Hotels.

Employees are the engine that drives a Hotel, and the key to making that engine run smoothly is Communication.

But to make that engine ROAR, you need a radically new kind of Communication technology, light years ahead of radios and text messages.

TND Employee Communication automates employee management and gives employees tools that actually let them work less and get more done. Emergency.

Codename ELROY 

1st of its kind Artificial Intelligence (AI), designed specifically to enhance real world Hotel Employees in real time, throughout a Hotel property. 

ELROY took 3 years to build from scratch, with a single goal in mind. 

To revolutionize the way Hotel Employees work, for the betterment of Management, Guests and ESPECIALLY Employees. 

Touch & Discover™

Our Touch & Discover™ platform is based on multiple Patented technologies and is designed specifically to revolutionize the Hotel industry by creating cutting edge tools for Hotel Staff that do NOT remove the Human Element, but Enhance it. Introducing a new level of Employee Safety, Communication and Assistive Intelligence to every Employee in your Hotel property.

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Example of
Visual Record

AI can ask the Employee to take a photo of anything in the room that may have been damaged. Then the AI can intelligently route the image directly to a specific 2nd Employee responsible for such matters.

IMAGE IS STORED SECURELY & IS EASILY ACCESSIBLE BY MANAGEMENT. To allow for visual proof if Guest disputes damage.
Smart Panic Button Employee Mobile Unit (EMU)