Accountability, Efficiency & Assistive Intelligence


The 2018 Workplace Accountability Study revealed that 82% of Managers have NO ability to hold employees accountable.

91% of Managers rank the need for employee accountability at the top of their needs they want to develop in their organization.


For the 1st time in history, Hotel Managers have a truly simple way to monitor and measure the Efficiency of EVERY Step for EVERY Process a Service Employee does.  

This Multi-Patented technology can be implemented in less than a minute per Room, and transform your Hotel within the first 30 days. 

                                                                         Unlike Existing Employee Management & Task Automation technologies


sees the whole picture, and in Real-Time analyzes current & future Unseen Costs. Then gives Managers the most optimal solution to address any task, INSTANTLY.

Touch & Discover™

Our Touch & Discover™ platform is based on multiple Patented technologies and is designed specifically to revolutionize the Hotel industry by creating cutting edge tools for Hotel Staff that do NOT remove the Human Element, but Enhance it. Introducing a new level of Employee Accountability, Efficiency and Assistive Intelligence to every Employee in your Hotel property.

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Example of
Visual Record

AI can ask the Employee to take a photo of anything in the room that may have been damaged. Then the AI can intelligently route the image directly to a specific 2nd Employee responsible for such matters.

IMAGE IS STORED SECURELY & IS EASILY ACCESSIBLE BY MANAGEMENT. To allow for visual proof if Guest disputes damage.
Smart Panic Button Employee Mobile Unit (EMU)