Who we are

We truly believe that service is the essence of every hotel and great service is what hotels have aspired to achieve for 100s of years. Hotel employees represent more than 50% of annual cost. This is important, considering that hotel staff are the essence of hotel service.

At Creating Revolutions, we set out to create Revolutionary, NOT Evolutionary, technology for the Hospitality Industry. The service industry has been known for replacing hard working employees with technology. But we see your team as the core of your business. We made it our mission to create tools that enhance your employee productivity, while giving your managers the peace of mind knowing your guests are being serviced fast and efficiently.

Best of all, our technology is truly 100% user friendly, like never seen before. Every aspect of the system works in 3 steps or less. Creating Revolutions lets the business be in control with the ability to make the platform Look, Feel, and most importantly Work like the brand of the business.

The company motto is:

We change Nothing, but make everything Better.