What We Stand For

Creating Revolutions began with THREE key ideologies we strive to accomplish for our clients.

1. We defy the notion of replacing the human element.
Instead, we enhance it!

The service industry has been known for replacing hard working employees with technology. But we see your team as the core of your business. We made it our mission to create tools that enhance and benefit Guests, Employees and Managers equally.

2. We create technology to makes what you do today better, while not changing anything.

The most common factor that stops progress is the fear of change. We designed a platform, from the ground up, that doesn’t change what you do today, but rather enhances your current business processes. We give your Managers and Employees the tools to give better service, increase revenue and enhance personalized communication with your Guests.

Let us show you how we accomplish such a great feat.

3. We designed our technology so you can easily make it look, feel, and most importantly, work like you do today.

We recognize that each hotel has its own unique personality. The vast majority of technology in the hotel industry offers basic color and design, forcing your brand to conform to the technology’s look, feel and processes. We designed our system with the ability to emulate your brand in 3 steps or less.

In addition, we offer a first of its kind, Artificial Intelligence that can easily be taught by any manager at any technical skill level, to learn your unique property. Thus giving you the power to create a tool that is truly unique for your Hotel.

We call our company Creating Revolutions because we want to empower you to revolutionize your Hotel