Smart connect

Text Messages and Chat are the Past. The Future is Smart Connect. A new paradigm of communication that gives your Hotel the ability to instantly communicate with full screen branding, video, imagery, and more. Smart Connect immerses your guests in a powerful experience that visually and audibly stimulates a true sense of your Hotel’s Look & Feel. Messages arrive in the Guest’s native language, protected by a patented secure privacy technology considered the best in the world today.

Experience Smart Connect in your Hotel

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step 1
Step 1

Via the Web Portal, Employee App or Manager App, click Notify.

You can now communicate instantly to a single Guest, specific group of Guests, or all Guests on your Hotel property.

step 2
Step 2

Select the type of message to send, including: Fully Branded Message, Web Content, Multimedia, Emergency Alert, Uploaded Image, Photo or Marked Up Image.

Our first of its kind Artificial Intelligence lets you communicate even complex messages in just seconds and requires a ZERO learning curve.

step 3
Step 3

Messages swiftly arrive on the Guest’s phone, translated to the Guest’s native language, making it a truly universal experience.