Employee Confirmation Technology

What if there was a technology that could increase productivity & efficiency of nearly all hotel employees, but with a brand-new approach.

Employees work LESS, but accomplish MORE.

We have spent over 3 years developing a 1st-of-its-kind Hotel Employee Management & Control Technologythat will change the Hotel industry forever. What does this mean to a hotel? When fully implemented, our technology Increases Hotel Profits by Double Digits!

Experience Employee Confirmation Technology in your Hotel

Step 1

Hotel guest requests service using ANY guest facing technology inluding Apps, Text Messages, Phone Calls, or even Carrier Pigeons.

Step 2

The request is received and inputted into the hotel's existing management software. Our Artificial Intelligence automatically routes the request to the right employee and indicates the precise location of the guest.

Step 3

Upon arrival, the employee taps their NFC mobile device to the NFC disc placed outside the guest room door. This informs management the request has been completed, by which employee and how long it took.

Management has the option to setup notification rules if service has taken too long.