Service Pager

Hotels are realizing that Guests do not want technology to replace the human element. Yet with increasing employee costs and overwhelmed managers dealing with an industry with the highest turnover rate in the country, how can you find a balance? Service Pager is a Patented technology that does not remove the human element, but enhances it. Requiring a ZERO learning curve from employees, it actually automates the management of your staff and has proven to increase employee efficiency by 53% when fully implemented.

Experience Service Pager in your Hotel

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Step 1

Customer taps their phone on an NFC Chip, instantly launching your Hotel’s fully branded App.

These paper thin NFC Chips can be placed strategically throughout your property.

Step 2

The customer types a request.

Our Artificial Intelligence routes the request to the right employee.

As their request is being fulfilled, your hotel can dynamically show targeted advertising of the property’s services, products and promotions.

Step 3

Upon arrival, the employee taps their NFC ID card on the customer’s phone.

This informs management the request has been completed, by which employee and how long it took.

Management has the option to setup notification rules if service has taken too long.