How do you balance personalized service and a smarter connection with your Guests, in a world filled with privacy liability and security concerns? The answer is Communicator eCards. eCards are mini Apps, enhanced with Artificial Intelligence, for each unique room in your Hotel. Issued with a simple tap of their phone, Communicator eCards allows your Guest to experience a transformational new tool that enhances their stay, while keeping you and your Guests, protected and connected.

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Step 1

At check in, your Guest’s phone is temporarily issued an Ultra-Secure eCard.

This is done by taping their mobile to an NFC Chip on the counter, securely linking that phone to the Guest’s room.

Step 2

Throughout the hotel property, the Guest now simply activates the App and types a request.

Our Artificial Intelligence routes the request to the right employee.

As their request is being fulfilled, your hotel can dynamically show targeted advertising of the property’s services, products and promotions.

Step 3

Upon arrival, the employee taps their NFC ID card on the Guest’s phone.

This informs management the request has been completed, by which employee and how long it took.

Management has the option to setup notification rules if service has taken too long.